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Ergogenic Aids

In our conventional thinking, an ergogenic aid is anything that is consistently shown by research to induce a performance increment – we tend to think of the likes of creatine, caffeine, sports drinks, and perhaps a bit of beetroot juice too. But, if we look at this subject through a lens of personalised and integrative nutrition, a whole host of other candidates emerge. Lifestyle factors such as sleep may spring to mind, along with suitable stress management strategies, and even positive social interaction. From a nutrient perspective, scientists are looking for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but a certain nutrient may have no effect on one person’s performance, but positively induce change in another due to a functional deficiency, caused by certain lifestyle, dietary or genetic factors that are too complex to study in double-blind placebo-controlled trials.

With this integrative ergogenic thinking in mind, the feature article by Paul Ehren is a real cracker – it pretty much pulls all aspects of functional sports nutrition together in a single article, and even manages to incorporate some music therapy!
Another example of a ‘conditional’ ergogenic aid might be the lowly sulphur atom and its associated sulphation pathways – Henrietta Paxton eloquently creates a link with injuries and other physiological functions important to athletes.

Additionally, Craig Pickering views the well-researched caffeine aid, but finds that in a habitual-use setting, the research observations are much less clear.

Finally, the power of the mind is a fundamental ergogenic aid and we welcome some really talented sports psychologists to the magazine: Andy Lane, Dan Robinson and Ross Cloak talk about how beliefs drive our behaviours.

Enjoy this issue.

Ian Craig, Editor

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