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Inflammation and recovery

Inflammation is being recognised more and more as a really important consideration within training and recovery cycles. If we ignore it, we could be looking at substantially longer recovery times, increased injury risk and potentially even significant health concerns in the long term. In times gone by, and unfortunately still a standard practice, athletes would take strong anti-inflammatory medication (sometimes like smarties), which would pretty much just block all inflammatory pathways, which ironically may impede recovery. Now, we have a huge array of options, including an increased food awareness, food-based supplements, and many product options, from fish oil to turmeric and ginger.

We’re taking a closer look at nourishing nutrition options for the athlete in this issue. Feature 1 by Ayesha Qadir is all about mushrooms, a highly under-rated medicinal food; feature 2 by Zac van Heerden is an in-depth physiological review of inflammation as an adaptation mechanism to exercise stress; feature 3 is a recovery-centred case study by myself; and Simone do Carmo delves into some excellent anti-inflammatory product options, including the now trendy CBD oil, in feature 4.

Finally, as the weather shifts into spring mode, winter sports are slowly making way for more summer sports, such as golf. If you watched the hotly contended Masters Tournament, all I can say is “well done Tiger” for staying strong and returning in the face of adversary 10 years after his last major title.

Ian Craig, Editor

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