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Strength and sleep

At this time of chaos and confusion over the COVID-19 pandemic, I send warm and healthy wishes to you and your family. I hope you’ve been able to keep your exercise patterns going and to use this quiet time as a healthy excuse for strong introspection: what is going well in your life, what would you like to do differently, and how can you support the health and fitness of your clients in an even more holistic way than you’re already doing?

When everybody unfortunately seems to be focussed on the virus (the ‘germ’), I wish to remind you that immunology is a two-way street between the germ and our body (the ‘terrain’), and that we are only personally able to influence our terrain. With this in mind, please share immune-supporting sources of information with your family, friends and clients, and not the sensationalist ‘news’ that peaks anxiety and depletes our immunity. I, for one, have written two immune blogs and hosted one exercise immunology webinar for my clients and peers, aiming to share ‘reasonable’ immune awareness that provides more of a state of calm than of panic – that has been my wish.

Well, please enjoy reading this issue of FSN, hopefully a welcome distraction from other media sources.

Live your life in a state of loving kindness; to yourself and to everybody around you.

To your healthy and hearty state of mind.

Ian Craig, Editor

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