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Joint health and eating disorders

After our first ever cancellation of an FSN publication, due to Covid-19 adjustments, we are excited to be back, ready to deliver more nutrient-packed features to you. We’ve got a cotheme this issue, combining up-to-date joint nutrition research with an impactful case study on disordered eating.

Fish oils and glucosamine/chondroitin formulations have been the domain of joint health for the past couple of decades – they should still form part of our nutrition strategies, but there are also a couple of new kids on the block that we review in detail here: Dr Adam Carey discusses undenatured type II collagen and Dr Elisabeth Philipps outlines the potential musculoskeletal promise of CBD oil.

In the sporting area, despite much more awareness compared to years gone by, eating disorders have unfortunately now become more common. But more than that; with heightened online interests in nutrition in sport, alongside body dysmorphic tendencies, we’re seeing more and more non-diagnosable restrictive eating patterns in athletes, which can impede their athletic prowess. As Simone do Carmo says, and shares in her rugby case study, in many cases us as sports practitioners are adequately equipped to support these athletes.

We are thankfully starting to see a return to competition for some sports, so the strength and conditioning article from Craig Lewis feeds nicely into that theme.

Enjoy this issue. To your healthy mind and body.


Ian Craig, Editor

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