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Drugs In Sport

Ever since the early 90’s, when I was studying exercise physiology, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of unfair competition, and what constitutes a doping violation and what is merely an ergogenic aid. One of my lecturers at that time was Prof Peter Radford, an ex-Olympic sprint medalist and record holder – he was the Chairman of UK Athletics, and one of his primary roles was to take on the non-enviable task of tacking the drug problem in athletics. I can remember writing an essay for him that discussed drugs and ergogenic aids in sport, and asking the question; where do we draw the line between the two.

Moving forward a few years, I was interviewed for a strength and conditioning post with the English Institute of Sport in about 2005, and one of the reasons that I wasn’t successful was the fact that I used nutritional supplements with some of my clients. At the time, there was a zero tolerance attitude towards supplements for drug tested athletes. Later, I can remember listening to Louise Burke from the Australian Institute of Sport, who told the audience that this approach wasn’t working. Despite the recommendations to athletes not to take supplements, many of them were doing so anyway. It was at this point when the Informed Sport programme was coming more strongly into awareness, and several years later, the attitude towards supplements in sport has turned to one of ‘due diligence’ on the part of the athlete.

This issue of FSN is absolutely packed to the brim with pretty much everything you can think of with regards to drug and supplement utilisation in sport. I encourage you to read the articles and then provide your thoughts and comments on our social media channels.

Ian Craig, Editor

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