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Nutritional sustainability and our 10th year anniversary

A very warm welcome to the 10th year anniversary of FSN, 60 editions later. Time has flown and I wish I could say that I don’t feel a year older, but that might be lying… FSN was founded by Simon Martin, editor of our sister publication IHCAN, and I took it on about six months later. I’m thankful to Simon, firstly to have brought this concept into a print form, and secondly to have taken some time out of his busy training and writing schedule to have shared his decade of reflections on pages 8-9 of this issue.

Times have indeed changed, and I don’t believe that we would have got away with creating an ethical theme such as nutritional sustainability 10 years ago – we would have struggled to attract advertisers and readers would have largely been disinterested. However, our planet is in trouble if we follow our current consumption trajectory, and our health is in trouble as witnessed by the massive increase in health imbalances that we see in our athletes. No longer is the macronutrient model sufficient to fuel performance: we need to be looking at the whole ‘ecosystem’ of our athletes, a term coined by FSN writer Paul Ehren.

If you are a practitioner, it is time to start challenging your clients to become more ethically aware consumers and we hope that this edition will give you the impetus to do so.

Warm wishes.

Ian Craig, Editor

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