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Heart Health and Antioxidants

Exercise has always been synonymous with cardiovascular (CV) health. The past three or four decades has been dedicated to proving how good exercise is for us. And this message is absolutely critical to share in a public health context, especially when people are so inactive these days. However, like many physiological themes that we share in this magazine, the real picture is not quite so linear. With this CV health-exercise relationship in mind, feature 1 reveals the other side of the story – it has been clearly demonstrated that too much CV training can actually be bad for our heart health! This is not a finding that many serious endurance athletes will want to hear, but none-the-less, it is one that is incredibly important to share.

But it’s not just how much we exercise that makes a difference to our CV health – our food is equally as important, possibly even more important. We feature an article that connects the dots between sources of food-based antioxidants and CV health in an athletic context, plus we also feature a detailed review of anthocyanins. Additionally there is a bespoke article on vitamin K2, a nutrient that has been under-researched until recently – vitamin K2 status is involved in calcium control in our bodies, which has strong implications to our heart health, which is particularly relevant to these athletes who have provoked an increased risk of CV disease by exercising too much!

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Ian Craig, Editor

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