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Athletic Health

The importance of gut health seems to be finally seeping into common sports medicine and nutrition practices, and awareness, so we’re going to push the boat out even further with this issue – we’re discussing the topic of the gut-brain axis, which is normally only found within integrative medicine literature. Would it, for example, surprise you to know that a more healthy microbiome correlates to a lower neuroendocrine response to stress? Since hard training is a large physiological stressor, and tends to deplete the microbiota (gut flora), I think there is incredible relevance to this observation within a sporting context.

We therefore have a gut focussed feature, a brain (neurotransmitter) focussed feature, plus a gut-brain one. Additionally, another article reviews the good, bad and ugly aspects of dietary sweeteners, and their impact on microbiome health. Since CBD oil is still highly topical, we also consider the effects of it on neurotransmitter (and gut) health, plus we review a CBD alternative that drug-tested athletes can take. So plenty for you again this issue.

I hope you’re enjoying the Rugby World Cup – sitting in South Africa, wearing my Scottish home colours, and writing to a readership that has lots of English recipients, I personally have plenty of teams to support!

Enjoy this issue.

Ian Craig, Editor

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