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Musculoskeletal Nutrition

When I was an athlete, I was frequently injured and the attitude at the time was “just rest and it will get better”. Little did I know that what we ate would strongly affect our whole musculoskeletal health and recovery potential. However, if you dip into a bit of physiology, it all makes sense because we now understand what our tissues are made out of – not just protein and calcium!

In this issue, we have an article on connective tissue, an article on bone health and also one on joint health, so by the time you reach the back page, you should have a much better understanding of how to avoid and treat injuries from a nutritional perspective. Of course, we also have an article from our strength & conditioning specialist Craig Lewis, who gives us some pretty good insights into physical injury avoidance. Additionally, Simone do Carmo shares a really interesting case study of a vegan athlete with digestive issues, plus the injury and illness concerns that followed.

I would like to dedicate this issue of FSN to my Dad, Jim Craig, who left this world quite tragically while mountain biking with me in sunny South Africa last month. In his 20’s, he played first team rugby for Ayr RFC and then progressed to competing in the Scottish kayaking leagues until his early 40’s, and then in his mid 60’s, he sailed single-handed across the Atlantic. As I child I idolised him in sport, and during my running career, he became coach to me and several other talented young athletes at Ayr Seaforth AC.

Dad, you will live on in my heart.

Ian Craig, Editor

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