Abundance & Health, European distributors of Altrient’s leading Liposomal Vitamin brand, partnered with the Ironman® Lanzarote 2019 triathlon competition to support incredible athletes with the unique Liposomal formulas. This particular triathlon event is one of the most challenging terrains, also named as the Toughest IRONMAN (IM) in the World with over a 2000 meter climb.

Altrient’s cutting-edge mono-dose gels were present at Club La Santa and at the Exhibitor zone throughout IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019. They received remarkable interest and feedback from competitors and the Altrient team were incredibly proud to learn that many athletes already used these top performing formulas. Tim Orchard, Director at Abundance and Health added – ‘we are very excited to see athlete’s training and recovery improve from using these specially formulated supplements’.

Abundance and Health’s Brand Ambassador, Claire McGrath, World Champion and Professional IFBB Athlete added – ‘The directors at Abundance and Health have invested in supporting this race as they feel the passion of the athletes who take on such an athletic endeavour matches the passion put in to developing Altrient’s unique, super absorbent Liposomal vitamins.’

Altrient’s products can really work well in synergy with training for such an athletic event. Altrient Liposomal supplements are vegan, gluten free, can be taken during a race or training session, and are not broken down in the stomach by the digestive juices, therefore won’t affect the digestion. When pushing the body to do ‘superhuman’ things, one needs to make sure that it is nourished and getting the absolute best fuel possible. Investing in health and the best supplements will bring its results and one will see and feel the benefits. ‘It’s one less thing to worry about on race day. The last thing one wants is an upset stomach when we need to perform our best.’- explains Claire McGrath, pro athlete.

Altrient’s vast range of products to aid performance and recovery also include clinically researched Liposomal vitamin C to support performance, muscle recovery and immunity post-race. They also offer Liposomal Magnesium L-Threonate for good sleep and relaxation. Research shows that minerals such as magnesium when bound to L-Threonate tend to have rapid intestinal uptake as well as minimal gastrointestinal side effects. Another in the range is Altrient Vitamin B and mineral complex, encapsulated in liposomes, which are a convenient way to keep your daily levels topped up and support your energy and body’s repair.

Tim Orchard details- ‘We are incredibly inspired by everyone’s super-human effort in the IRONMAN Lanzarote Race. It was so special to witness so many athletes crossing the finish line with such emotion and pushing themselves to undertake such a difficult challenge.’

Abundance and Health and Altrient are proud of being able to support this challenging event in the years to come.

Head to Altrient’s Youtube channel to find out more. Altrient is available in all good health food stores, clinics nationwide and through www.abundanceandhealth.co.uk