In May 2015, Laura Kennington, a 28 year old Personal Trainer, is kayaking all 2300 miles (nearly 4000 km!) of Russia’s national river, the Volga River. The Volga River also boasts the title of Europe’s longest and Laura is completing the trip solo. She’ll be paddling up to 12 hours a day, burning up to 5000 calories each day, to achieve this epic feat in just 3 months.

“I’ll be completely self-sufficient; carrying all of my own supplies for the duration of the trip and so I’ll be aiming to pack light! Paddling for up to 14 hours a day, in a kayak I have named ‘Merida’, I expect it to take me around 3 months to complete the epic journey. Above and beyond the physical endurance challenge, I’m excited to experience the culture of Russia from a unique position as I navigate through its national river. This is going to be an incredible adventure!” commented Laura.

Bio-Synergy founder Daniel Herman: “Since 1997, we have always made sure that we are able to support those endeavouring to achieve greatness. Laura’s challenge will be undeniably great as well as being both physically and mentally demanding. We hope the support we provide to her will help her on the journey. We wish her luck and look forward to her safe return”