Speciality chemicals distributor and manufacturer Cornelius is proud to announce the exclusive representation of Evolva® for their fermented 99% purity trans-Resveratrol.

Evolva Holding SA is a Swiss company, which provides innovative, high value, sustainable ingredients for health, wellness and nutrition. It has multiple technological capabilities, all using state of the art yeast fermentation. One key product is Resveratrol, which is now available in the UK exclusively through Cornelius.

Resveratrol is a natural plant ingredient belonging to the family of antioxidant polyphenols. It is associated with a range of beneficial effects and is commonly positioned as a key ingredient to promote healthy ageing. What makes Evolva’s Resveratrol different is that it is produced by yeast fermentation. This provides the capability of offering a 99% pure product that is free of pesticides and other impurities, which may be found in other sources.

The odourless, tasteless ingredient is recognised for its beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, insulin control, memory and bone health. It’s an EU-approved novel food ingredient and self affirmed GRAS status. It is sourced from a cost effective, traceable and reliable GMP fermentation process (instead of extraction from the invasive weed Polygonum cuspidatum) and is ideal for the most challenging applications and formulations.

Resveratrol also performed extremely well in a peer review in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Following four months of taking Evolva’s Resveratrol supplementation, the bone mineral density of middle-aged men increased.

Technical business manager for Health and Nutrition, Joy Thomas, said, “Being the only UK distributor of trans-Resveratrol is coup and we’re extremely pleased to work with Evolva to make this happen. It allows us to bring a unique ingredient to the UK market, whilst expanding our portfolio”.