BodySpace, the social media community platform for fitness fans, has, in just one year, encouraged men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to shed nearly 2 billion pounds in weight. One of the fastest growing online resources of its kind, BodySpace attracted 9.5 million members in 2014, which has already shot up to 10.5 million by early May 2015.

The current UK membership is growing rapidly due to the community spirit, support and feedback which provide effective motivation for each individual to reach their personal goals and then stick to them.

A wealth of personal plans are available, covering workouts, nutrition and supplements tailored to each person’s specific needs. They also accommodate for injuries and disabilities. Everyone who joins has access to a panel of experts, who can advise on which plans will suit them best. Nutritional plans include healthy recipes as well as regimes such as the Top 8 Brain Boosting Fitness Foods and The 5 Day Diet: How to Live Fit and Have Fun.

A BodySpace App can also be downloaded free and contains tools and calculators so that each element is monitored and tracked by the individual.  Self-tracking is also set up on the website.

BodySpace is ideal for beginners who feel slightly intimidated by the gym as it allows you to bring content straight from into the gym. If you are unsure of the correct technique for a particular exercise, you can choose from a video tutorial or read step by step instructions. This helps Bodyspace users feel more confident in the gym, reduces the chance of injury and therefore increases the likelihood of them reaching their transformation goals.

Physique athlete and trainer Shaun Stafford is one of the British ambassadors for BodySpace, he said: “The whole point of this well designed fitness website is that it appeals to real people and gets real results. With 40 workouts to choose from, track and even adapt, there is a workout for everyone. Monitoring your progress has never been so easy; the ‘track your workout’ button enables its users to closely observe if they are getting stronger / fitter and at what rate. Because individuals are encouraged to post before and after pictures as they progress and get such positive feedback from other members, it has a unique motivational quality.  I would encourage as many people as possible to join in!”