At 46 years old i have had my best season ever, winning 3 World Titles, the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association 12 hour Champion, the 24 hour Champion and UMCA Ultra-Cycling Cup Champion for 2014.

I am currently ranked #1 Ultra-Cyclist in the world over all distances and have had many highlights to 2014 season including my 3rd RAAM  finish getting a 27 hour personal best improvement and winning the Jure Robic Award, completing the Race Around Ireland, winning the Sebring 24 hour, winning 2×12 hours in Ireland, setting a lifetime best at the Mersey 24 hour and then winning No Country For Old Men 1000 mile race in Texas by 7 hours, setting a new course record under 3 days.

Throughout this amazing season, Neovite colostrum has been one of my constants. Because of it I very rarely get ill, no colds and niggling chest infections that I am prone to. Also my recovery from these Ultra events even at the age of 46 is nothing short of remarkable. I would like to thank Neovite for their help and support. ”

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