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Vegan sporting nutrition

Due to the burgeoning vegan marketplace within sport, we’ve chosen to devote this edition to exploring vegan nutrition. We’ve tried to do so in a balanced, pros and cons type of way, by interviewing vegan and non-vegan company representatives, plus bringing in varying perspectives of scientists and practitioners. As a practitioner myself, I always ask my vegan clients why they have become vegan – based on their responses, my approaches differ. If for health, and I can see that they are far from thriving on their chosen path, I may negotiate in some carefully sourced animal produce. If for the love of animals, I’ll always support their values, and educate them to be the healthiest vegan possible. If for environment,
I’ll engage in education about farming practices because the ‘truths’ about environmental impact are far from the animal versus plant ideals that many vegans assume. 

I hope you enjoyed the Olympics and Paralympics – despite lack of audiences, it has been wonderful to see top level sport of this scale back on our TVs. In my past sport of middle distance running, we’ve been thankfully enjoying a resurgence of the golden era of British running.  

Enjoy this issue. To your healthy mind and body.


Ian Craig, Editor

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