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Female Health

We are delighted to dedicate this issue of FSN magazine to the fairer sex. Much of the research within sports nutrition and sports science has historically centred around male subjects, which has created lot of lovely data for men. However, it has meant that many of the nutrition practices undertaken with women are derived from male data. One reason for this anomaly has been based on the fear by researchers that a woman’s menstrual cycle might obscure results. And perhaps they are correct in this assumption, because after editing this month’s articles, it is clear to me that a woman’s menstrual cycle can in some cases affect their training and performance outcomes quite substantially. Yet, from a scientific perspective, rather than shying away from this challenge, we should be talking about it more and personalising training and nutrition messages for our female clients. 

The descriptors I would give to the articles this month are ‘insightful’ and incredibly ‘pragmatic’. Let’s start thoroughly embracing the individuality of our clients – not just the male-female differences, but also recognising what really makes each person so thoroughly unique, and how we can help them to embellish these uniquenesses. 

Enjoy this issue. To your healthy mind and body.


Ian Craig, Editor

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