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Energy and longevity in sport

I learned a lovely definition of health from my Mum the other day: having somebody to love, somebody who loves you, and something to look forward to. Given our current circumstances, it’s generally the later component that we are still missing from our lives. Unfortunately, we remain at the beckon call of the governments’ rulings, without (in my mind) yet tackling the bigger crisis of personal and societal health that this ‘nasty’ virus is so clearly revealing. Our current magazine theme is based around energy and longevity, which isn’t directly related to covid immune resistance, but the fact is that everything we do to support the energy and longevity of our (ageing) bodies will of course improve our health in the short term – and it is these deeper lessons that we should be imparting on our clients, rather than pinning all our hopes on the public health agenda that seemingly only has a vaccine to offer us.

Within the context of sport, our first writer Paul Ehren, himself a big public health ‘voice’, discusses longevity in the context of sport, with the premise that many health lessons that are learned through sport can be applied to larger populations. Elsewhere, from the perspective of complex adaptive systems, Ricardo Adamo challenges the over-simplified calorie paradigm that unfortunately still rules modern sports nutrition thinking – this is a detailed and really important contribution. Also, in our excellent chronic fatigue footballing case study by Adam Lloyd, we see mitochondrial nourishing in action, itself a central facet of healthy ageing. Enjoy this issue, and please use the enclosed information with the wider goal of coaching your clients towards self-empowerment of their own health and fitness.

To your healthy mind and body.


Ian Craig, Editor

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