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Hypertrophy may be defined as muscular growth, which can occur in an anabolic (and non-catabolic) body environment. It has been research in great detail for many years, both mechanically through the field of strength and conditioning, and nutritionally via the study of nutrient provision. Protein has always been considered the centre pin in the nutritional support of an anabolic body milieu. However, we are beginning to understand that this macro-centric focus has been short sited: as you will read in Lisa Hannaby’s article on the gut-muscle axis, a positive hypertrophy potential response is yet another great benefit of a healthy microbiome. Ironically, some research has pointed to bodybuilders having very unhealthy gut environments due to their general over-focus on protein and under-focus on fibre. With this in mind, perhaps we should be asking meat eaters to consume more plants – see the article by Rachel Jesson for a creative culinary input to this notion! 

Finally, Paul Ehren posits the question: is hypertrophy training, and accompanying nutritional practices, good for our longterm health and longevity? Certain biochemical changes, associated with hypertrophy, have actually been linked to increased risk of cancer and unhealthy ageing, but yet every health expert worth his or her weight in salt ‘knows’ that regular exercise is fundamental to healthy ageing. Is there a dilemma that we need to be aware of?  

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Ian Craig, Editor

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