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Recovery nutrition

I will start by lifting a quote from one of our articles: “According to the wisest coaches on the planet, what we do during our recovery time is almost, if not, as important as what we do when we train.” Recovery used to simply infer the time period between training sessions. While this is still the most pertinent consideration within a periodised training strategy, we are now in a good position to also become clever with our nutritional interventions. For good training adaptations to occur we require an inflammatory reaction to occur, clearing damage tissue, followed by an anti-inflammatory response, which propagates new tissue growth. Too much or too little inflammation is not a good thing, so we can use dietary strategies and certain supplementation to optimise our recovery from training.

We have two feature articles on this theme of recovery, which is also highly relevant for our truly amazing altitude challenge case study. Elsewhere we also review the modern trend of intermittent fasting which has become popular amongst athletes – but is a good idea when performance is at stake?

As Covid restrictions progressively lesson, we wish our readers a good winter of training and we all hope to resume our normal competitive activities soon; in the amateur and not just professional ranks.

To your healthy mind and body.


Ian Craig, Editor

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