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Person centred practice

Whenever I deliver a course, workshop or webinar, and wish to gain CPD points from an accrediting organisation, I am given the remit to produce materials that display ‘evidence based practice’. This endeavour requires ensuring that most conclusions, recommendations and interventions are backed up by appropriate research observations. This is something that I try to do as much as possible when I work with clients and when I write and teach. However… If I were to work solely from a place of unequivocal research, I would severely limit my skills as a health and performance practitioner, and as an applied teacher. A progressive (growth) mindset is something I value hugely, and we can only arrive at this place through a triad amalgamation of research observation, practitioner experience and insight, plus a contextualised view of a client’s personal ecosystem. 

Perhaps, then, we should be practicing from a place of person centred care? I’ll leave you to read the excellent article by Nicholas Doughty on page 8. Elsewhere in the magazine, Adam Lloyd shares his research and experiential observations of the challenges of feeding youth athletes, Debbi Nathan discusses the musculoskeletal culinary nutrition support of athletes through a nutrigenomic lens, and Barbara Vulpinari Grajon discusses female menstrual health in athletes. Additionally, we have research-specific discussion of the lactate buffering amino acid beta-alanine and the immunomodulatory herb echinacea. 

Otherwise, it’s summer time folks… With your clear interest in sport and exercise, make sure you get out and enjoy your own activities in the periodic British sunshine!

Enjoy this issue. To your healthy mind and body.


Ian Craig, Editor

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