Adidas, Team Sky, Fitbit, TomTom, Leicester City Football Club, Runtastic confirmed to speak.

15-16 March 2016, ExCeL, London

Speakers from Adidas, Team Sky, TomTom, Fitbit, Runtastic, Leicester City Football Club and GSK will be among those dissecting and debating the future of smart technology in sport at the Wearable Technology Show, which takes place 15-16 March at ExCeL in London.

The next generation of smart devices and applications for sport and fitness will also be unveiled by exhibitors for the very first time in the UK. Product launches include:

Global launch of its brand new innovative app and smart clothing range to be unveiled at 1100 on 15 March, stand 70

The world’s first performance enhancing sportswear – natural muscle contraction is strengthened from the outside through electrical impulses during a workout. Full body suit will be at the show.

The revolutionary smart jacket that incorporates ultra bright turn signals and braking sensors to improve cyclists’ and pedestrians’ safety through enhancing their visibility in poor light conditions.

ARION, which brings the coaching experience to the world of wearables. Ultra-thin, intelligent insoles slip into the existing shoe, connecting the runner with their running technique, helping them to achieve their goals, whether that be running faster, reducing injury risk, or simply enjoying an enhanced running experience.

A high-tech sport sensor that analyses running technique and uses real-time feedback to train the healthiest running style. It determines the individually best training load replacing blood lactate measurements, calculates recovery time depending on workout intensity, training status and age to avoid overtraining, it compares different running shoes to find the best fit for your running style and it routinely checks for material fatigue of worn shoes.

Launching a wireless sports sensor patch, which measures acceleration and angular velocity of a golf club head providing very accurate feedback of the quality of the swing. The acquired data is transferred via Bluetooth to an app.

New range of Sunnycam HD Video Recording Eyewear designed for action sports, including a sports glass and a snow glass.

Jaguar Land Rover is demonstrating the cutting edge Connected Car technology in the new performance crossover, the Jaguar F-PACE, and demonstrating its first waterproof wearable technology, the Activity Key, that allows the key fob to be securely locked inside the vehicle – perfect for owners with active lifestyles.

Also on display at the Wearable Technology Show is the Liberty boat – named so by Charlie Pitcher, rower, runner and world record holder – which represents the most advanced wall of thinking in boats and wearable tech.

It will be skippered by Gwen Batton, a medallist at Sydney, to sail a boatful of women from New York’s Statue of Liberty to the Scilly Isles to break the record initially set in 1886 by a team of men. Rowers will be wired up using the latest technology in heart and sleep monitors to know whether their ‘batteries’ are running low.

The Wearable Technology Show features nine conference tracks with more than 100 high profile speakers, including a comprehensive Performance Sports and Fitness Track track with the following sessions:

Keynote presentations:

Fitness Wearables – It’s Half Time; Burkhard Duemler, Director IT Innovation Program & Projects, Adidas

Coaching by numbers – Is Data Management the Future of Elite Sports; Tom Brown, UK VP, TomTom

Title TBC: Gareth Jones, VP & General Manager EMEA, Fitbit

Developing Sports Technology FAST; Ruth Thomson, Head of Consumer Product Development, Cambridge Consultants

Catapult; Elite Sports Clients Case Studies: Paul Boanas, Director of EMEA Sales, Catapult

Other sessions:

Fit 4 Purpose – Why Many Fitness Trackers Miss the Mark on Motivating You to Exercise

Dave Wright, Chief Executive Officer, MyZone

What Makes the Perfect Sports Wearable Device; panelists from TechRadar, Team Sky, GSK Human Performance Lab, New Ocean Wave and Leicester City Football Club

Smart Clothing for 2016; panelists from Antelope Club, Hexoskin, Olly Hicks,Cityzen Sciences

Low Power Always-Listening for Wearables; Timothy Saxe, CTO, Quicklogic

Active Tracking – Fit For Purpose; panelists from Pearl Studios, Runtastic, Omuus, Atogear

Beyond Wearables – Hearables, Ingestibles and the Next Frontier; panelists include Ian Rowe, Life Fitness, Kinematix, Hoolio

“Sports performance was one of the very first sectors to embrace smart technology, but things have moved on significantly since the introduction of the first fitness band. Sports performance can now be enhanced through smart textiles and haptic technology, which are both incredibly exciting, and the future is all about providing feedback and benefits tailored to the individual rather than a one size fits all approach,” said Wearable Technology Show COO John Weir.

“We have incredible speakers at the show this year – everyone from Adidas, through Leicester City and Team Sky, to the VPs of TomTom and Fitbit – which goes to show just how seriously the industry takes wearable technology and the opportunities it is offering. We also have some groundbreaking product launches on show – a must-see for anyone involved in sports performance and science.”

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