Winter’s over and many of us are looking forward to some early spring sunshine and the blossoming of new life. According to Sport England, some 2.2 million people regularly participate in athletics in order to get fit. However, remember that running, particularly after a winter break, puts a major strain on muscles and ligaments. According to Dr Babar Abbas, a specialist in musculoskeletal problems, “in addition to professional shoe-fitting advice and developing a good running technique, you should do targeted strength training tailored to your specific sport. Such training increases the stability of the muscles associated with the hips, pelvis and ankle joints as well as the spine”.

Kieser Training has developed a special training programme for runners. “Ankles must be strong enough to cope with the high load. After all, they have to support much more than just bodyweight as even normal walking increases the load as much as sevenfold”. For the lower ankle, Kieser Training offers the B3 and B4 machines, which stabilise the foot and provide support on rough ground. Both are world firsts and were developed in cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany.