The USN Collagen & CLA provides a great tasting beverage which is ideal to support your body makeover challenge.

#Challengeyourself and make the most out of every session with our great tasting Tangerine-Orange drink.

What is Collagen & CLA?

Collagen & CLA offers a premium powder, supporting your body makeover challenge!

Collagen is a structural protein, it can be found in a range of tissues in your body, such as your cartilage, bones, skin and tendons so it’s important to supply your body with a healthy dosage.

The Collagen & CLA offers a premium supplement to combine with your hard-work.

What are the benefits?

Ideal to take after your meals, the Collagen & CLA provides a great tasting drink which is aimed to support your fitness challenge.

Containing naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid at a level that can’t be found within normal foods. A simple to take, effective supplement that you can easy integrate into any healthy diet that is calorie controlled.

Along with supporting muscle tissue, Collagen has also been shown to have a great effect on your skin texture and firmness.

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