Using clinically studied ingredients from some of the world’s most respected Nutraceutical manufacturers, XYNRGIEsport™ will be using The Cycle Show 2017 in Birmingham as the platform to launch an exciting new line of Sports Performance products; specifically targeting 35+ ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Masters’ athletes and endurance enthusiasts.

XYNRGIEsport™ Founder Andy Farrow quotes; “when it comes to product development within the sports nutrition arena, XYNRGIEsport™ is ‘stepping out of the box’ in new formula innovation”. Using ‘clean’ plant based ingredients & science backed polyphenols, XYNRGIEsport is the first company to offer truly ‘bi-functional’ formulas for this target market.

Our products have been developed specifically for the needs of the 35+ active endurance enthusiasts with specific and targeted nutrition requirements that go beyond just sports nutrition. Not just formulated for performance, endurance and recovery but, just as important, they are highly beneficial to long term health and wellness, specifically in the preventive maintenance and repair of joints, inflammation, muscle fatigue and immunity.

The older ‘masters’ and ‘lifestyle’ athletes, of both genders, need more than just carbohydrates, protein and energy gels for their sports nutrition. Not only are their sports nutrition requirements very different but long term health is a crucial factor concerning most of them. XYNRGIEsport™ Performance Nutrition is the first line of products that addresses and targets both these requirements.

One of the most innovative products recently developed and launching at the Cycle Show is HYDRA4GO; a Performance, Endurance & Hydration Optimiser used before and during high intensity exercise and endurance workouts. Using proven ingredients, studied at major UK and European universities, HYDRA4GO is a multi-functional formula, optimised for both men and women taking part in demanding, mental & physical exercise & vigorous endurance sports. This innovative formula contains 4 novel ingredients that are proven to boost Nitric Oxide levels, improve Blood Flow & Cardiac Output, improve Stamina, Mental Focus and Boost Endurance; all without the use of caffeine or stimulants.

Other pipeline products soon to be launched include:

BetaNRG – Nitric Oxide/EPO Optimiser SustaiNRG – Endurance Optimiser KetoNRG – Fat burning Catalyst

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